Saturday, 27 December 2014


 Information About Me!

Yo Guys! I am Ryan Ng Jek Hian,you can call me Ryan for short.
Here is something that i would like to tell you about something!My hobbies is to build models->Gundams to be exact.You may thing what is gundam?

Gundam started from an anime.It look like a robot but way cooler than that.You will be amazed by the intrigued design of each and every details of the model.Although it may seem easy to build but it takes lots of hard work to build a perfect model.



I also enjoy playing sports like badminton or soccer.I am also very talkative at some point of time if you feel like talking to someone you may feel free to talk to me.
~The content of the video is about telling us the advantage and disadvantage if you stop sleeping.

 I learnt that if you stop sleeping for 3 days it will lead to hallucination,your immune system start to stop working as well. The world longest time that a man can stop sleeping is 264 hours. Although sleeping for 6h-8h is healthy but if u exceed ' Cardiovascular 'or 'diabetes'.

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